Security and solidarity


At greenhats® we know how essential optimal IT security is, even if it seems difficult to achieve for reasons of resources or cost. Our greenhearts® initiative is committed to a safer Germany and a safer world - without compromise, because cyber threats do not stop at anyone.

We understand the challenges faced by start-ups, non-profit organisations and not-for-profit institutions and therefore offer special conditions for our high-quality security solutions. The greenhearts® programme embodies our conviction that we always do the right thing - even if we invest more than we earn. Of course, the programme also helps us to present our product portfolio to a broader customer base.

By choosing the greenhearts® programme, you not only strengthen the security of your organisation, but also support a social cause. Together, we promote protection and the common good - for a jointly secure future.

Are you interested in the greenhearts® programme?

Apply now for your customised package. Each interested company receives identical offers - the standard offer and the greenhearts® offer on separate terms, so that the savings are transparent. The choice is yours, the confidentiality of the discount is guaranteed.